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  1. This Agreement is between you and TMC Training Ltd (NZBN 9429046752949) (us, we or our) and relates to your participation in our program known as “Sales Mastery Programme” (SMP).
  2. SMP is a 12-month programme. Payment is either made in full in advance or payment must be made at the beginning of each month for 12 months. There are no cancellations, hold-periods or refunds during this time. Should your credit card expire, you will be required to supply new details that will take you up to the end of the agreed programme period. We reserve the right to suspend your access to the programme until your payments are up to date. You are liable for any costs associated with recovering unpaid monies due. 
  3. You must commit to completing your compulsory training on time. This should take 30 minutes per week on average. 
  4. You will also get access to one Live Online Training session per month. This usually lasts 45-60 minutes and is strongly recommended. 
  5. You will also get access to one live Bonus Coaching Session each month for you to share a training question or challenge. These are recommended also. 
  6. If you’re on the SMP as an individual, as opposed as part of a shared team SMP, you can also access over 30 courses in the Additional Training area, to address additional training interests and needs you may have. 
  7. As an attendee of SMP you understand that information, techniques, skills and concepts shared by us and all audio and video recordings, online training videos, workbooks, checklists, documents, quizzes, websites and other materials (Program Materials) are for educational purposes only and not to be relied on as any type of professional or financial advice.
  8. During the SMP, our facilitators, representatives and other attendees may share private information that they do not want repeated outside the SMP environment. If informed, please be respectful and refrain from discussing such information elsewhere.
  9. Recording equipment of any kind is not allowed during SMP pure online or live online training or coaching. We record most of the Live Online Training sessions and make those available to you inside the learning platform.
  10. SMP, the Program Materials, usernames and passwords provided to you are confidential and must not be given to or shared with people who are outside of paying individuals or teams. 
  11. No part of SMP or the Program Materials may be copied, modified, licensed, published, transmitted, distributed, uploaded, broadcast, on-sold or otherwise transferred without our prior consent. We, or Longdown Holdings Ltd, own all intellectual property rights in SMP and the Program Materials. Furthermore, video files may not be downloaded from our sites and doing so may lead to legal action.
  12. After your first 12-months you will be given the opportunity to progress to the more advanced, more personalised, year 2 of the Sales Mastery Programme.
  13. SMP pure online and live online training may only be attended or completed by the designated attendee(s) included within this participation agreement. 
  14. SMP attendees may get access to online forums, groups, membership areas or social media groups. As such you agree to conduct business within the SMP community in a professional manner. Furthermore, politics, religious views and offensive material are banned. If conduct is deemed to be unacceptable and is not corrected after notice, we reserve the right to cancel your participation.
  15. We reserve the right to assess individual memberships, and in cases of extenuating and or extraordinary circumstances and if an early termination of membership is agreed upon by both parties in writing, a contract exit fee of NZ$2,500 will be charged and payable to TMC Training Ltd within 7 days. 
  16. You understand that video and written testimonials are part of our business model and, if appropriate, we may ask you to complete one. 
  17. We reserve the right to revise this Agreement, revise the content in SMP, cancel or reschedule part of SMP or to make other changes to SMP as reasonably required over time. Latest terms are available on our website.
  18. Our 30-day guarantee: If you complete and implement the first month’s training (I.E. you complete the compulsory training, attend the Live Online Training and attend the Bonus Coaching Session, plus you take action to implement that training/coaching), and you cannot see how you can double your investment in the programme, email us within 30 days and we’ll refund your money
  19. No representations or warranties are made with respect to the results to be obtained from participating in SMP.
  20. This Agreement is governed by the laws of New Zealand.
  21. By becoming a member of SMP you agree to the above points of the Agreement. Should you have any questions, please contact us via phone or email.

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Sales Manager Accelerator 12 Months Plan

You'll cover 52 topics over 52 weeks.

These come from the 5 Success Pillars™: Your Mindset (Pillar 1), Your Behavioural (Personality) Profile (Pillar 2), Mastering Conversations (Pillar 3), Specialist Sales Skills tailored to your role and experience (Pillar 4), and Your Accountability (Pillar 5). 

Here are 6 of the 12 Pillar 4 specialist skills courses tailored to your role and experience:  

  • Advanced Phone Selling
  • Master Different Personalities
  • Cross-selling & Up-selling Excellence
  • Win-Win Negotiation
  • Smart Sales Negotiation
  • Create Centres of Influence

For Your Mindset (Pillar 1)

  • Developing a Disciplined Mindset
  • Excelling Under Pressure
  • Staying Motivated in Your Sales Role

To help you Master Conversations (Pillar 3)

  • Secrets of Buyer Motivators
  • Handling Difficult Conversations
  • Engaging Storytelling

Plus many, many more.

BONUS: You will also have access to 12 Live Online Training session over the year bringing you the latest topics to help you remain up to date in sales.


BONUS: You will also have access to 12 live Bonus Coaching Sessions where you can bring your latest challenges, questions or opportunities for live feedback from our expert sales strategist.

 All in all this programme comes with over US$14000 worth of training, coaching and support. 
Our guarantee: 

30-Day Guarantee:

1.If you complete and implement the first month’s training

2.And you cannot see how you can double your investment

3.Email within 30 days and we’ll refund your money


What People Are Saying:

"I completed year 1 of the Sales Mastery Programme. The program covered pretty much every topic/challenge you come up against as a salesperson. It covered off a huge variety of topics and was formatted in a way that you can complete it in your own time whilst still being held accountable for your progress, which was really important for me. The value it has added to my career has been huge. After completing the program whilst working for a business in a country town in Western Australia, it allowed me to spend 12 months successfully working in Toronto, Canada in the highly competitive tech sales environment. I have now been able to return back home as a Sales Manager! Thanks to Ambrose & the team, I'm looking forward to completing my Sales Manager Accelerator!" - Jack McPhee, Sales Manager, Himac, Australia

Jack McPhee

“I found Year 1 of the Sales Mastery Programme really good for creating foundational habits and gaining awareness of my mind set. It helped me identify and transition to a growth mindset which was a key thing for me to keep pressing forward in a challenging market. There are a lot of key phrasings that are little pearls of wisdom. They work incredibly well when in front of clients. I now feel like I can control and handle the big fish without fear of failure. I achieved a 102% increase in my sales this past year thanks to the foundational habits learned in year 1, assisted by some clever NLP skills learnt during year 2. I even find myself teaching some of my clients! I encourage anyone who is serious about growing their sales skills and business revenue to commit to this Sales Mastery Programme.” – Martin Galt, Ascento, Australia

Martin Galt

“As the National Sales Manager of Farmland Foods, I enjoyed our tailored sales team development programme with the Sales Mastery Company. We used a combination of the Sales Mastery Programme, the Sales Manager Accelerator as well as live training and coaching. What I liked most was that it was personalised to each team member and it covered mindset as well as sales skills. The value I think it added to our business was twofold, it created a mindset and behavioural change for everybody, this definitely contributed to helping us deliver on our budget and increase sales year on year by 15%. The focus on “Key Objective Settings”, allowed the Team to pave the way forward and create customer plans, critical to achieving results. Ambrose’s ability to keep a Team and Business fully engaged and focused on the end goal, must be commended, especially in times like these, when not only businesses, but Sales teams as a whole, face uncertain times! “ – Gareth Bull, Sales Manager, Farmland Foods, New Zealand

Gareth Bull