4 Ways to Ensure that LinkedIn Works for You

4 Ways to ensure that LinkedIn works for you

There are many simple ways to maximise your success on LinkedIn. Sadly, we see most people still tripping themselves up. Remember: the main focus of LinkedIn is to establish you as a trusted player within your industry, so anything you do that damages your credibility is critical to fix immediately. 4 ways to ensure you’re set up right are:

  1. Look right
  2. Give more
  3. Structure your profile
  4. Learn from others


Tip #1: Look right

You must have a photo of yourself in a business setting, in business clothes. Don’t use one of you on holiday. Save that for Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. Showing your teeth implies trust. No distracting backgrounds, such as other people. 


Tip #2: Give more

Don’t focus on your success or outcomes, focus on others. Share something valuable and offer advice to your prospects, for free – the sort of advice that you give clients over the phone all the time. The best ratio to use is to give 90% of the time and only ask (I.E. self-promote) 10% of the time.


Tip #3: Structure your profile

  1. Headline: A summary of who you help and how
  2. Photo: Must be approachable and genuine
  3. Contact info: Check all fields are current
  4. Connections: Quality over quantity
  5. Invitations: Personalise each one
  6. Summary: Consider what information will influence someone
  7. Articles and activity: This section recaps your personal activity to demonstrate how you conduct yourself, contribute and self-promote
  8. Experience: Emphasise the results you helped clients achieve and how
  9. Honours and awards: Are they relevant to your prospects?
  10. Publication: Showcase your smart thinking
  11. Recommendations: Third-party recommendations must be specific and show the benefits they received from you


Tip #4: Learn from others

  1. Follow industry influencers: learn what trends they’re predicting locally or internationally 
  2. Follow your competition: find out what they’re doing and the kind of content that works for them
  3. Follow educators (such as us if you can’t think of anyone!): to see how much value they add to others and how they promote themselves


And as always, the key to any course, conference or tips: TAKE ACTION NOW!

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