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Sales Competence Assessment

Maximise the performance of your salespeople, by using this amazing sales assessment tool to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each salesperson across 18 critically important sales competences. Recognise where salespeople may need extra coaching and training and quickly identify top performers in your sales team, across different areas of selling.

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Who the Sales Competence Assessment is For

The Sales Competence Assessment is a useful workplace assessment tool to enhance the performance of individuals and sales teams. The results provide an evaluation of the areas of strengths and development

Hiring Managers

The Sales Competence Recruitment Assessment is a great way to identify sales-based hiring needs. It will give you a percentage match between the candidate and your sales role, so you can confirm your hiring needs. It is a great way to identify sales-based hiring needs.

Sales Managers

The Sales Manager report is a great way to identify what your salesperson's strengths are at every stage of the process. When you identify their weaknesses, you can start to develop them in a way that will help them be more successful in the future.

Sales Teams

The Sales Competence Assessment demonstrate the team’s competence level, mindset score, and shared excuse index. The reports provide big picture insights for better decisions, develop the sales team, enhance productivity, and ultimately increase sales.

18 Sales Skills Critical to Your Success

Create a development plan to improve the performance of your sales team with the Sales Competence Assessment.

Present Level of Sales Competence

The Sales Competence Assessment will give you an insightful view of your team's current strengths and witnesses across several areas. The more competencies they have mastered, the higher their level of sales competence.

Inclination towards Sales Roles

The Sales Competence Assessment determines what type of sales role is best suited for a person. This assessment will determine the individual's strengths and weaknesses, determine an individual's level of expertise in sales, and matching them with the appropriate position.

Competence Match

It is important for companies to know to ensure that the role is matched to the competence and behaviour of the salesperson so the job is not wasted on unqualified candidates and the appropriate job is given to the most qualified individual.

Sales Mindsets

Aside from competence and behaviour, the Sales Competence Assessment will also determine the current mindset of the individual to avoid time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating placement process.

The Excuse Index

FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment measures the Excuse Index of the individual: how likely a salesperson is to procrastinate on activities related to sales success. The higher the Excuse Index, the more likely the sales professional will find an excuse for not engaging in sales activities. While the average Sales Excuse Index is 35%, successful salespeople have much lower scores.

How the Sales Competence Assessment™ works:

  • The salesperson completes a 99-question online survey
  • This self-assessment process allows us to analyse them and create their report
  • We send through the report together with a simple video to explain how to use the report
  • We are then available for reasonable support questions




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