Intensive Sales Accelerator Programme™

Intensive Sales Accelerator Programme

This awesome 12-week flexible online sales programme will lead you through all the main aspects involved in succeeding in business-to-business selling. You will train week-by-week on a different sales skills course, from cold calling to negotiation and so much more, so that you can contribute more in a sales role ongoing

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Who Should Attend?

The Intensive Sales Accelerator Programme will help the following in your team.

Looking to Enter Sales

This course is designed for those who are looking to enter a sales role.

New to Sales

This course is also applicable to those who are new to sales.

How this Programme Works

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Intensive Sales Accelerator Programme™

Programme Breakdown:

  • Week 1: Setting the Foundation – Develop Your Attitude, Mindset & Goals
  • Week 2: Highly Effective Prospecting – Making Your Pipeline Sing
  • Week 3:  The Art of Gold Calling – Using the Phone as an Effective Weapon
  • Week 4: Client Management is King – How to Retain Your Clients and Get Referrals
  • Week 5: Relationship Selling – Preparation is Key
  • Week 6: Benefit Selling – Selling on Value, Not Price
  • Week 7:  Maximising Personal Selling™– The 8 Sales Essentials
  • Week 8:  Closing the Sale™– Working with Objections
  • Week 9: Essential Negotiation Skills – The Art of Effective Negotiation
  • Week 10: Cross-Selling & Up-Selling – Maximising Your Sales Opportunities
  • Week 11: Key Account Management – Taking Your Client Management to the Next Level
  • Week 12: Sales Review – Embedding Your Learning

Clients Testimonials


“The ISAP was a very worthwhile investment from the point of view of a sales manager.  It kept the team motivated and refreshed with a steady stream of new concepts and ideas. This has led to behavioural change in the team, which has led to a significant increase in sales.”

Harvey Weeks
/ Allcon Group

“Fantastic course – using the ideas & tips especially with Gate Keepers. Using a technically focused sales strategy."

P. Bhuskute
/ Sales Engineer, Adelaide

“Great course for the whole business to grow and give the wow experience.”

Wayne Bevin
/ Gilmours-Foddstuffs, New Zealand

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