Sales Manager Accelerator™

Sales Manager Accelerator™


The Programme for Sales Managers

 Semi-personalised online training AND coaching programme, exclusively for B2B Sales Managers and General Managers

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Sales Manager Accelerator™

How this B2B sales management and sales coaching training works:

  1. Every week you receive a new course to complete from one of the Three Success Pillars™areas listed below via email
  2. You can also attend 2 live sessions monthly – one being sales management training, the other being sales manager coaching (where you learn from other Sales Managers)
  3. It takes on average just 30-45 minutes week and uses world-leading software.
  4. You can access over 90% of the training through online Apps on your smart device also
  5. Ideal for Sales Managers, General Managers and business owners.

The 3 areas of B2B sales leadership training in the Three Success Pillars™: 

  • Pillar 1: Your Mindset Training
  • Pillar 2: Your Behavioural Profile Training
  • Pillar 3: Specialist Sales Management Skills Training


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The Challenge

The Result

You were promoted into the role of Sales Manager with little or no formal training

You are often distracted by multiple other responsibilities 

You have limited access to ongoing support and coaching in your role as Sales Manager

• Your performance as Sales Manager varies day to day

• You’re not always PROACTIVE in your role

• The motivation of your sales team fluctuates

• The performance of individual team members varies from week to week

• The sales and product performance of your team is unpredictable month to month

Why choose us

  • We have trained over 15,000 businesses and individuals in 20 countries across 6 continents
  • We are experts at B2B business training – over 97% of our clients are B2B
  •  We have pioneered three different sales-related 12 month programmes before
  • We’re unique: aside from our contagious passion, we have proven world-class knowledge of integrating Sales Management with sales, with marketing, even with customer experience!

If you are unable to see how you can double your return on investment: 

  1. Complete and implement the first month’s training
  2. And if you cannot see how you can double your investment
  3. Email immediately and we’ll refund your money


Join our Sales Manager Accelerator™


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Understand Your Team

Leading a team or leading yourself without in-depth understanding and insight can lead to wasted time, money and resources. We have searched the world to find you the most suitable tools for your business. Such tools, when correctly used and supported, can transform a whole team and business.


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