Teamwork & Communication Excellence™

Teamwork & Communication Excellence™

With pandemic restrictions, these are delivered live online over 1, 2 or 3 sessions, which is imensely motivating.

Create massive team alignment across an entire company or department. Maximise the internal communication and understanding across your team for long term success


Teamwork & Communication Excellence™

Who Should Attend?

Put simply, EVERYONE! This course suits any and all workers across every department in your business or organisation.



This can be delivered via Face to Face (only in New Zealand) or Two Half days online worldwide.


After the event attendees are able to contact us with questions about their profile at no additional charge.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why teamwork matters including lessons from world-leading teams
  • The behavioural profile (personality) of each team member so you can adapt your communication style to bring out the best in others and contribute more to the team
  • To minimise conflict between team members, especially under pressure – we do a team ‘behavioural profile (personality) debrief’ live in the room with everyone to add massive value to the team and individual attendees.
  • How every member of the organisation should be acting to operate in line with the overall company values
  • Review the process followed for internal communication to ensure it works well
  • Set standards for ongoing teamwork and internal communication
  • How better to ‘read’ the profiles (personality) of other team members, even clients
  • We usually run 1 or 2 relevant and practical team building exercises as part of this day


Teamwork & Communication Excellence




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