Sales Strategy Day™

Sales Strategy Day

With pandemic restrictions, these are delivered live online over 1, 2 or 3 sessions, which is imensely motivating. 

This sales strategy day is focused exclusively on your B2B sales team. It teaches you how to improve your sales strategy overall. You will learn the key steps involved to better manage your sales process as a sales team and how to plan for the future. You’ll have clear sales strategy actions to implement immediately.


Sales Strategy Day™

Who should attend?

  • Sales Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Key Sales Staff

What you’ll learn:

  • How to set a clear sales plan using our Sales Team Strategy template
  • Smarter sales team analysis and insights, including which sales role each person is best suited to, using the world-class Extended DISC Sales Profile Report (see below)
  • A clearer understanding of the sales process and discuss ways to improve it
  • Smarter sales team structure and focus
  • How to set clearer sales and activity (KPI) goals for your sales team
  • Ways to set sales incentives for your sales team that work
  • How to approach new client acquisition differently to client retention
  • Ways to become focused on implementation and accountability as a sales team



3 Phase Structure:

  1. Before the day together we complete your sales team insights: by analysing your main sales function needs, profiling each member of your team using our unique Extended DISC profiling tool and by using the amazing Sales Competence Assessment (where salespeople self-assess against 18 different sales competencies).
  2. We complete whichever of the bullet points listed above that require our focus together
  3. This can be delivered via Face to Face (only in New Zealand) or Two Half days online.





For up to 10 attendees


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