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Sales Manager Fundamentals

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Flexible online training AND coaching programme, exclusively for B2B Sales Managers and General Managers.

Just 30 minutes per fortnight of high-quality training on essential management topics.

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Sales Manager Fundamentals

How this B2B sales management and sales coaching training works:

  1. Fortnightly you receive a new course to complete (usually taking 30 minutes each
  2. Live Online Training per month (for motivation and the latest techniques)
  3. Uses world-leading software
  4. You can access the training through online Apps on your smart device also
  5. Ideal for Sales Managers, General Managers and Business Owners.



  • Sales Manager Essentials
  • Accountability Through Sales Meetings
  • Managing Different Personalities
  • Setting Your Team Vision & Goals
  • Strong Leadership 
  • Time Effectiveness for  Managers
  • The Thin Air of Mount Everest
  • Coaching in the Business
  • Setting Your BHAG
  • Proactive Leadership
  • Mindset Lessons from Steve Waugh
  • Smart Team Management
  • How to Win as a Lone Wolf
  • Coaching on the Road
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  • Managing Your Stress 
  •  Effective Team Motivation
  • Winning Tough With Jimmy Spithill
  • Recruitment & Induction
  • The Secrets of Vince Lombardi
  • Develop Your Team's Skills
  • Put Yourself First!
  • Managing Peak Team Performance
  • Leading with Richie McCaw
  • Manage Conflict & Push Back
  • Coaching Lessons from Steve Hansen
  • Maximise Staff Retention
  • Staying Motivated
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The Challenge

The Result

You were promoted into the role of Sales Manager with little or no formal training

You are often distracted by multiple other responsibilities 

You have limited access to ongoing support and coaching in your role as Sales Manager

• Your performance as Sales Manager varies day to day

• You’re not always PROACTIVE in your role

• The motivation of your sales team fluctuates

• The performance of individual team members varies from week to week

• The sales and product performance of your team is unpredictable month to month

US$99 per month

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  • Fortnightly training 27 topics in 52 weeks
  • Live Online Training per month (for motivation and the latest techniques)
  • Cancel anytime (30 days' notice)


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