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Hello there!

We know that not everyone is ready to start one of our 3 world-class online programmes right away. 

Therefore we've put together some practical, proven and affordable courses to get you started.

1.If you’re a business-to-business salesperson with 0-3 years of experience and you want broad skills across 12 different topics (from prospecting for new business to closing the sale to account management to cross-selling and more), the 12-week Intensive Sales Accelerator Programme is ideal. CLICK HERE 

2. If you simply want to close more B2B sales face-to-face and by webcam, our 3-part Close More Sales course is ideal for you. CLICK HERE

3. If you sell mostly by phone and mostly to new customers, our 2-part New Business Development course is perfect. CLICK HERE

4. If you focus more on growing your ongoing key account clients, then the 1-hour Key Account Management course is ideal CLICK HERE

5. And if you’re finding that you have to negotiate more these days, face-to-face, by webcam or by phone, then Essential Negotiation Skills is what you need CLICK HERE

All of the above options are a great place to get started, to build your confidence and consistency as a salesperson. Once you complete one or more of the above courses we recommend progressing to one of our 3 main courses

We look forward to supporting your journey towards sales mastery!


Why Choose Us

  • We have trained over 15,000 businesses and individuals in 20 countries across 6 continents
  • We are experts at B2B business training – over 97% of our clients are B2B
  •  We have pioneered three different sales-related 12 month programmes before
  • We’re unique: aside from our contagious passion, we have proven world-class knowledge of integrating Sales Management with sales, with marketing, even with customer experience!

If you are unable to see how you can double your return on investment after attending any of our courses, we will refund your money. 



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