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Close the Sale Faster

  • For people want to close more phone and face-to-face sales, control the sales conversation and handle objections
  • 3-part course: Relationship Selling, Benefit Selling and Closing the Sale – breakdown below
  • 3 hours of dynamic, professional online training with international sales experts Ambrose Blowfield and Mike Clark (over 30 years of combined sales experience)
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Close the Sales Faster

  • Total flexibility of time and location for each attendee
  • Refresh & relearn each topic (access for 7 days)
  • Save time and money with less travel
  • Test your knowledge to maximise retention
  • Highly engaging best practice online videos (content written exclusively for online delivery)


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What you’ll learn:

  • Maximise your face-to-face sales success rate
  • Prepare for client meetings to ensure your success and the art of good questioning
  • Communicate your benefits to clients every time and avoid selling on price
  • Use proven closing techniques to close more confidently
  • Handle objections professionally and consistently

Join the Close More Sales now!

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