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Personality Profiles

Why profiling helps:

Behavioural profiling allows you to understand your people’s strengths and areas that need development. You’ll understand what motivates and demotivates them, how to communicate effectively with them and how keep the loyal. Quick note: ‘Behavioural Profiling’ is the correct terminology for ‘personality profiling’


Behavioural Reports

Benefits of Extended DISC® Behavioural Profiling:
  • Identify, recruit and retain the most suitable candidates
  • Understand your people’s behavioural strengths
  • Improve and enhance professional and personal communication
  • Develop self-awareness and improve overall performance
  • Obtain connections between data and the goals/objectives of clients
  • Understand how to get the most out of your team
  • Pinpoint motivators and de-motivators for each person
  • Improve individual self-awareness and understanding of development areas
  • Increase sales by identifying how each style sells
  • Grow healthy teams by understanding each others’ styles
  • Create a more balanced team with each person better suited to their role


Why we choose Extended DISC®:

  • With over one million assessments completed annually, Extended DISC® is one of the world’s fastest growing psychometric assessment tools
  • It has been designed to help individuals, teams and organisations to become more successful by understanding their staff
  • It’s so clever, it can profile people’s unconscious profile AND their conscious profile

How Extended DISC® Profile works

  • Taking just 12-15 minutes, the Extended DISC® psychometric assessment is comprised of 24 (48 sub-questions) questions
  • It provides remarkably accurate and useful insights into human behaviour
  • Based on the highly validated and world-renowned Extended DISC® Behavioural Style model, the ipsative style assessment is shown to identify both a person’s ‘natural’ AND ‘learned’ behavioural style – something many profiling tools fail to do
  • You receive a profile report and a video on how to ‘read’ the report

We need the full name of each person, email address and their main one or two jobs from the list provided and we can take it from there.


Job Titles

Sales Manager
Customer Service
Admin & Finance
Second Personality Profile

What is the difference? This saves you $190 in the process. 

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