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Welcome to our Best B2B Sales Training Courses!

Below are our best sales training and sales coaching courses and programmes. We deliver over 100 sales and business training courses that we have run around the world for over a decade.

Sales Mastery Programme™
Persuasive Selling Process™
Sales Manager Accelerator™
Tailored In-house Programme

Sales Mastery Programme™

The most personalised B2B sales training programme in the world : over 1 Billion different ‘learning pathways’ over 3 years !
Flexible ongoing B2B sales training at its best.
Master your mindset, leverage your personality, even develop your self-accountability. Sales training personalised to your experience, role, and personality – with over 1 billion learning pathways!
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Persuasive Selling Process™

Do you want to maximize your profit margins when selling?
Do you want to learn the secrets of world-class B2B selling?
Run world-class B2B sales meetings and calls.
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Sales Manager Accelerator™

Semi-personalised online training AND coaching programme, exclusively for B2B Sales Managers
Develop your mindset, lead based on your personality and learn critical skills to lead your team proactively.
This is ideal for any B2B Sales Manager wanting proven sales management and leadership training.
Lets personalised this programme for you.

Tailored In-house Programme

A tailored 12-month sales team development programme usually includes all of our best sales training courses and solutions listed below:

  1. Sales Team Insights using best in class tools from Extended DISC in Finland
  2. We deliver the Persuasive Selling Process™ to help your salesforce master sales conversations
  3. Then the sales team complete the highly personalised Sales Mastery Programme™ B2B sales training programme
  4. The Sales Manager completes the semi-personalised Sales Manager Accelerator™ for expert sales management training
  5. We then deliver sales coaching throughout the programme for ongoing accountability


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“I really enjoyed the online aspect of the training programme.  Well-presented, relevant content and easy actionable takeaways from every course to help me get the most out of my learning.  The short sharp videos made it easy to get my development in around an often busy schedule.”

Chris Baker
/ Adage Furniture, Western Australia

“Their ability to create and present their training courses is exceptional.” 

Liane Anderson
/ Taranaki Chamber of Commerce, New Zealand

“They achieved the highest rating of any company I have used in 14 years.” 

Don Stockwell
/ South Taranaki District Council Business Advisor


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