How to Juggle your Sales, Marketing and Business Better - 6 Tips

How to Juggle your Sales, Marketing and Business Better - 6 Tips

We’ve operated in a hybrid fashion (at home, on the road and in the office) for most of the past 17+ years. As a result, when the global pandemic hit, we were well-equipped to keep our motivation, mental health and output similar, despite the obvious challenges of not working in an office. We’ve also helped coach thousands of businesses over the past 18 months, across hundreds of industries. Here share our findings on ways to keep your productivity (and mindset) high. 

  • STOP Seeking Perfection!

When people jump between working from home, to the office, to the car, to planes, and back again, they often set unachievably high expectations. This messes with their mindset and creates a likely outcome when they get hard on themselves and despondent when things don’t go quite to plan. 

The key is to set realistic goals and get your manager and team to buy into them and to support you to complete them. Try to work to the best of your ability in the environment you find yourself in (it’s almost impossible to do highly detailed work on an aircraft!)

  • ‘Leave’ to work!

It may sound strange but there is a double opportunity if you ‘leave’ to work, even if you’re working from home. What I mean is leave your bedroom to your dining room to work, or leave from your back door to arrive at your front door to work. This means you’ll mentally ‘switch on’ to work, so you’ll likely be more motivated and productive when you ‘arrive’ at work, rather than rolling out of the end of your bed straight onto a team zoom!

The second HUGE benefit is if you ‘leave’ work at the end of the day by reversing the process you followed in the morning. This helps your brain to switch off and ‘leave work at work’, rather than thinking about work every evening and not relaxing your brain ahead of the next day: rest is as important and being focused. 

  • Fuel Right!

We know you know this one: drink 2 litres of water per day to help your brain and body operate correctly, eat more fruit and anti-oxidant-producing food, plus reduce the sugar. Knowing those things is one thing, doing them regularly is the key. 

What we encourage you to do on this point is to make small improvements week to week and have someone personal or professional to support you and keep you on track with your improvements. Forgive yourself for an lapses, simply commit to make an improvement and move on.  

  • Make Deep Sleep Your Holy Grail!

To operate at your full potential, you need your brain to be alert and focused. It can’t do that fully if you’re tired, regardless of whether you ‘feel’ tired or not. It’s not just how long you’re in bed, its also about how deeply you sleep. This too is a topic for you to look for subtle ongoing improvements with. 

Start by leaving your mobile phone outside your bedroom or across the room. Avoid touching it for your last hour and first hour of the day. This reduces the blue light stimulus that affects your sleep, while also reducing your stress levels at the start and end of the day. 


  • Mix up your online team meetings!

Monotony kills creativity. In a changing, challenging or competitive world we need to create great critical thinking (logical problem solving under pressure), something we cover in-depth in year 2 of the Sales Mastery Programme. Whether your team meetings are by webcam, by phone or in person, change up the chairperson, the timekeeper, the order of the team meeting agenda, etc. 

The two things not to change if possible are the start time/day and the duration: your team will rarely complain about a quick meeting but they’ll always complain about a longer-than-expected meeting! Likewise make sure that all your sales team meetings or general team meetings start with a recap on any actions that people committed to: accountability is key. 


  • Keep your sense of humour!

It has been suggested for decades that laughter is the best medicine. There is actually proven science behind that statement. The positive emotion that you feel is indicative of the natural release of good hormones that affects your stress levels, your mood, your confidence and more. 

At the end of a tough day, try accessing something that will make you laugh and relax. In turn this will keep your energy levels high over a tough week where your personal interaction with others may be more limited.

Be sure to share these tips with others who are wanting to be more consistent with their performance in a hybrid world (juggling different workplace options). Let us know through social media if you develop any great techniques of your own so we can share them with others also. 

We’ve trained over 15,00 businesses in over 20 countries. No two businesses are alike. We’d love to learn about your specific business. Share your details below. We will get in touch soon.