Lessons from France and the UK

Lessons from France and the UK

Lessons From France:

Whenever I travel to France, it always surprises me how much competition there is for regular restaurants and bistros. Differentiating your bistro is very challenging. In Paris last year I note that differentiation can come from niche expertise. Many of the most successful restaurants offer a limited menu, but everything on that menu is done with utmost precision and consistency. The lesson to consider is: what would be the impact on your business if we restricted the breadth of our offering in order to increase our expertise on everything we do offer?

Lessons from the UK:  

The Brexit vote was a shock to most. It reminded me of the need for your sales, marketing, and senior management team to do a regular review of the PESTEL Factors. Many businesses are too busy in the whirlwind to review the factors that will influence their long-term success. Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal factors will likely have an impact. Book time this quarter to review it across the teams mentioned.    

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