Business Stats You Won't Want to Ignore

Business Stats You Won’t Want to Ignore*

Building a business is a lot of work. Only a few break into the $1 million ceiling. Still a few break into the $10 million ceiling. It takes a lot of hard work to get to this point and many factors need to be taken into account to break it.

Stat 1: Only 4% of businesses make it to a $1 million turnover* – Are you among the few?

  • This Australasian figure is equally surprising when most people have high intentions when starting a business to make a $million. That’s only 1 in 25 businesses out there.
  • While a good number of them have no intention of making any more than a decent income for their owners, there are many more with the intention of breaking past the $1 million mark who never do.

Stat 2: Only 0.4% of businesses make it to a $10 million turnover* – Are you amongst the very few?

  • We often work with people trying to break this glass ceiling and it can seem very tough. Well it’s tough for a reason: 99.6% of businesses don’t ever get to crack that ceiling. It’s likely going to take NEW thinking, approaches, skills and sometimes people to join the 0.4%.
  • If you’re the owner or manager of a business that has made it to $1 million or, better still, $10 million in turnover, take a moment to celebrate and thank your fellow managers and directors for the journey they’ve taken with you so far, because you are very much amongst the few, indeed the very few.
  • If you’re an employee, take a moment this week to thank your managers and directors for getting your business to the level they have, beyond the $1 million or $10 million mark, and for giving you the income and job security from which you and your family benefit.


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