Two More Ways to Grow Sales

Two More Ways to Grow Sales

  1. Develop Your Sales Leader
    • Only 34% of organisations believe their sales manager has the right skills to manage and motivate their sales team effectively.* Many team leaders struggle with the same challenge
    • The three most common areas in which we see sales managers seeking support are:
      1. How to motivate the individuals in their sales team
      2. How to coach them effectively on the road or in the office and
      3. How to hold them to account in a positive way
    • A high-performing sales manager is able to leverage the unique skills and energy of their sales team. This drives huge profit success for the organisation
    • Make this year the year you give your sales manager time to learn, and access to, the right training to develop in the unique role that is sales management
  1. Improve Productivity
    • 71% of organisations believe their sales teams do not manage their time as effectively as they could.* The tips below apply to most teams members
    • The common areas to address are:
      1. Having a set morning routine in the office and on the road that ensures the sales team produces their maximum results in the first three hours of every day
      2. Making sure that the sales team know how to correctly prioritise their time and not distracted by the many interruptions that happen during the day
    • Developing self-accountability within each team member so that they take personal responsibility for their own time management. This stops them overly relying on their manager.

*Source: RAIN Group

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